Exotic Dancing

Strip clubs provide adult entertainment to people all over the world. At these clubs the Strippers Cincinnati dancers perform a strip tease as they take off their clothing. They can also perform other forms of erotic dancing as well. Strip clubs have a long history. The first strip clubs appeared in the United States after World War II ended. The soldiers were returning home and they were lonely. In Asia strip clubs gained popularity in the later part of the 1940s while in Europe they became popular in the 1950s.

The strip tease was first noted back in 1938. At this time women would take off their clothing in a seductive manner so that the men they were dancing for would become excited. This dance has been going on for hundreds of years but at this time women were rebelling and taking control over their sexuality.

The rest of the world has seen strip clubs appear at a much earlier time. In the late part of the 19th century Moulin Rouge was a very popular strip club in France. Attractive women would dance around with next to nothing on. The first public striptease took place at the Parisian theater in 1894.

One of the earliest dancers to enjoy fame was Mata Hari. She was one of the most famous strip dancers of all time. She was Dutch in origin. She was later shot by a spy from France during the first World War. One of the most notable things about her dance act was that she had on a jeweled bra and would take off her clothing until just that was showing. Germaine Aymos was another famous early dancer. She would dance until she was only wearing three small shells.

In 1930 the strip v tease dancers once again found fame. Josephine Baker would dance semi nude and her performance were well liked and well noted. She would use sophisticated choreography to keep the attention of her audience.
By the 1960s strip bars exploded with ladies that were willing to do more than tease. The girls that were dancing were able to get fully nude and they made places such as Le Crazy Horse Saloon very popular. Today the laws for nudity will vary.

The strip tease has been around for centuries. Throughout time ladies were dancing while taking off their clothing to get the attention of men and to show off their dance skills at the same time.