Forms of Erotic dancing

Erotic dancing comes in many forms. There is not just one dance that the ladies follow. There are several different unique forms of exotic dancing.

Cage Dancing

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This form of dancing is seen in strip clubs all over the world and is also seen in clubs. Here the girls are put into a cage with little clothing on. They will dance in an erotic manner inside of the cage while others look on.

Lap Dance

In this dance the girl is up close and personal with the person that she is giving a dance to. Often the girl will sit on the lap of the lucky man and move her body up and down on his. She may also do some erotic dance moves while in close and personal contact with the man.


During this dance the lady will move around a stage of other area where she can be the center of attention. As she dances around she removes articles of her clothing. She may strip until she is in her bra or she may dance until she is naked.

These are some popular forms of erotic dancing. These dance moves are meant to be seductive and will get the attention of the audience that is watching.