Pole Dancing

Pole v dancing is popular in exotic dancing. The dancer from 247 Dancers will pull herself up the pole and then will slide down in a seductive manner. Usually her head will come down first and she will slowly slide down and move her legs in various positions. Pole dancing has a history that many people do not know about.

Pole dancing started in the 12th century in China. Acrobats would show off their skills on the pole. At this time they would wear costumes to protect the body. This gave strippers the idea to take off their clothing while performing similar moves on the pole.

People dancing was also popular in India over 800 years ago. This dance was known as the Maharashtra. It would take a great deal of training to work on the pole. The performances were attention getting and there was little need to have clothing on while performing on the poles.

In the 1920s the Hoochi Coohi dancers were the first group to use the pole for strip tease purposes. They would travel around the United States during the 1920s and use the poles to help them dance in suggestive manners. They would dance in tents and use the poles that were supporting the tent.

In 1968 Belle Jangles made pole dancing popular in the United States. Many dancers caught onto this trend and pole dancing became popular. Now strippers use this to show off their bodies and women attend pole dancing school to help them get into shape and have some of their own fun at home.